June update

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June is here and rainy season has arrived right on schedule in the Philippines. It is a welcome change after an extremely dry, hot summer in the tropics. The dry weather took its toll on our yard this year and almost everything died, except one very determined lily plant. Its bright orange blooms were just the encouragement I needed to drag our water hose to the far side of the yard each morning to water them. Day after day, I ignored the long stretch of dry ground that in years past displayed many beautiful lilies. I lovingly watered my lily plant, until one morning, it occurred to me that though I couldn’t see any signs of life, those lily bulbs were just below the surface, ready and waiting to grow. I decided to take a chance and started watering that hard, cracked ground with some of our precious water supply and kept watching for any hint of green poking through. Eventually my faithful watering began to reap a harvest of beautiful lilies, all growing at their own pace…but still growing. It delighted my heart to see this miracle take place and it was a visual reminder to me of what God is doing in the churches that have been planted here in the Philippines. His desire is to see His Church grow and not in just one location but all across the globe.

Over the past several years, we have poured quite a bit of our efforts into Faith Fellowship Aurora while Brent served as Senior Pastor for almost 9 years. It has been a joy to see this church continue to grow as its new pastor and leaders effectively reach out to Metro Manila. Now that we have moved on, we are helping to “water” six of our other budding churches. How? Through pastoral coaching. Brent’s doctoral dissertation project consists of coaching these pastors in several key areas of leadership and church growth. He is already seeing progress in the pastors and churches. It has been such a blessing to invest in these young leaders and spend time with them on a regular basis. We invite you to partner with us in prayer for them. Together we are trusting God for some fresh blooms of faith and strong, healthy churches in the days ahead.

Kim has been busy preparing for the “Women in Ministry” course she will be teaching at Faith Bible College this term and getting ready for a “Dynamic Women in Mission” group to come in September. Dynamic Women in Mission is a ministry of OMS to encourage women’s involvement in missions. If any of you ladies would be interested in joining the team who will be coming September 17-27, you would be most welcome. There will be many opportunities for ministry among several of our churches and new outreaches.  If you are interested, please send us an email and we can send you more details.

Our kids all seem to be doing well and we thank you for upholding them in prayer. Drew and Jordyn just celebrated their 1st Anniversary and are so happy together. Dawson is enjoying film school and seems to be settling into life in Charlotte, NC. Devri and Danya had a great year in school and the highlight was being in the cast of “Fiddler on the Roof” this April. They have also enjoyed getting to know the youth at Faith Fellowship Rizal and though we are at a different church each Sunday morning, they can enjoy the Sunday evening youth services in Rizal.

It is our honor to partner with you in ministry to the Philippines! Thank you for praying, for financially supporting us, and for caring! God bless you all!