In 2019 by Brent Burdick

These five words sum up all the amazing events and opportunities that happened in our lives this summer. Take a deep breath!!…

ALASKA: Kim and I celebrated our 35th anniversary on May 26 with a trip to Alaska. We enjoyed seeing the glaciers, bears, whales, and mountains. It was great to get away and reflect on all God has done across the years that we have been together. We were also able to visit my brother Brad and his wife in Bellingham, Washington who were married the same year, 1984.

MANILA: Brent went to Manila and filmed 49 interviews for four new episodes of the Lausanne Global Classroom, including Workplace Issues, Media and Technology, Integrity and Anti-Corruption, and Mental Health and Trauma.  It was great to connect with old friends and to visit Faith Fellowship after five years. Yaksan was able to come from Pakistan to help with the filming.

Baby Jakobe

BABY: Two days before Danya’s wedding on July 18, Devri gave birth to Jakobe Micaiah Coney. Everything went well and Mommy, baby, and Daddy Jerome are doing great. We just didn’t expect him to be so early! He wasn’t due until August 5. We were able to go see him right after he was born in the middle of the night, and still had time to do everything for the wedding. Devri wasn’t able to be at the wedding, but Dawson set up a camera and live-streamed it so they could see it on video. Jakobe is a handsome little fellow and is already rolling over. His daddy plans on teaching him to bounce a basketball as soon as he can walk! We are grateful for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby. Please add Jakobe to your Burdick family prayer list

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ortiz!

WEDDING: Danya and Daniel were married on July 20. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding in Tega Cay, SC. Danya and Daniel went on a Caribbean cruise for their honeymoon. After their honeymoon, they settled in Gastonia, NC, where Daniel is a police officer for Gaston County, and Danya is a fourth-grade teacher for a local elementary school. Please keep Danya and Daniel in your prayers as they adjust to married life.

TORONTO: Brent went to Toronto August 10-15 for the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism. He filmed 18 interviews of global leaders in this issue for an episode to be produced next year. How exciting to learn of God’s purposes and plans for the Jewish people in the salvation of the world. Some key takeaways from the conference were to remember that the Jews still need Jesus for salvation because if Jesus is not their Messiah, then he cannot be the Savior of Christians; that God’s covenant’s with Abraham contains the promise that through Abraham all peoples of the earth would be blessed, and through him would come the Messiah who would reconcile all people to God; that in any mission endeavor we need to include outreach to the Jews because they need to hear of the good news of Jesus, their Messiah, and no mission is complete without including the Jews. These are important concepts to pray through and think about.

Praying that your summer has been blessed with the shalom of Messiah! Thanks for your prayers and support!

Brent and Kim