July 2021

In 2021 by Brent Burdick

Episode 16 of the Lausanne Global Classroom is complete! This one is entitled Integrity and Anti-corruption. It is about how ministries, business, and governments must operate righteously. Christians involved in these entities must be above reproach for the sake of gospel witness. It is a powerful episode and, interestingly, features several Filipino leaders with global ministry roles. You can view it freely at: https://lausanne.org/lausanne-global-classroom/global-classroom. The picture to the right is of Bishop Efraim Tendero, former Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance as he speaks in the episode. I knew him when we served in the Philippines.

Yaksan, my video editor, and I have now completed all the Global Classroom episodes that have been filmed to date. Our next task is to put the audio and animated text of every Global Classroom episode into other languages so more people around the world will benefit from this resource. We have started the Spanish version of the Workplace Ministry episode and will do Integrity and Anti-corruption next. This process involves having a qualified translator create a written transcript of the episode. I then have native Spanish speakers record it. Next, Yaksan puts the Spanish audio over the English audio and adds the translated animated text onto the screen. It is not as difficult as putting together a regular episode, but we must be careful since neither of us speak Spanish. We plan to put all 16 episodes into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean, Russian, German, and Chinese. That will be a lot of work! Pray for us as we do this monumental task. I am scheduled to go to Louisville, Kentucky in November to film the next episode, the 17th, which will be on ‘Global Health’, a very important topic considering what is happening with the COVID 19 global pandemic. Yaksan and his wife, Suman, are expecting their first child in early August. Please be praying for a healthy and safe delivery.

This summer, in addition to working on the Global Classroom, I am busy with teaching the global missions course at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary here in Charlotte. It is so fulfilling to equip the twelve students I have for greater knowledge and participation in the Great Commission. The students are always very receptive and enjoy the class. I am thankful for the opportunity to invest in the lives of students to help them gain a vision for the world. I am also writing my first book! The title of the book will be ‘Gospel Issues for the Global Church’. It will summarize and introduce in written form each issue of the Lausanne Global Classroom so that churches, students, and leaders around the world can find out more and use the information it contains as help, inspiration, and motivation for global and local outreach. I am in the early stages of writing and hope to finish it by the end of the year. I am working with an editor and hope to find a publisher soon. I would appreciate your prayers as I go through this process. My hope is that the book will raise awareness about how each issue impacts global evangelization, and that it will motivate people and churches to engage these issues in their communities.

Kim has been busy with her ministry as well. She is taking a pastoral counseling class at Gordon-Conwell toward a Lay Counseling Certificate. She is really enjoying it, though she was nervous about taking it since it had been 34 years since she had done any academic work. She will take one class every semester and graduate in May of 2023. It has really connected her to some excellent resources and information to help her be even more effective in what she does. She did have to have knee surgery in July to repair a torn meniscus but is recovering well. The picture shows her having tea while icing her knee.

Family update:

The picture above is the most recent of the entire Burdick family. I surprised Kim with a Mother’s Day gift by arranging a photo shoot at a local nature preserve of all our kids and their families. Left to right from the back is Devri’s husband, Jerome Coney. Devri is holding Jakobe, who just turned two years old. Next to Jakobe is Leah, Dawson’s wife. Dawson is holding their son, Rowan, who is ten months old. Next to Dawson is our daughter, Danya and her husband, Daniel Ortiz. Next to them is Drew’s wife, Jordyn. Drew is next to her, and their two kids, Amelie who is seven years old, and Mathis who is five, are in front of them. Kim and I are in the middle sitting down. We are so thankful for our family and how God is working in each of their lives.

Thank you for your prayers for us and our family, support for our ministry, and love. We love you!