Kim’s Haiti Report

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Dear Prayer Team,

Thank you all so much for upholding our team in prayer as we prepared and served in Haiti last July 12-20.  We arrived back safely we saw God answering prayer daily.  So many wonderful things took place during our week in Haiti, and I would like to share some things that were direct answers to the prayer requests that we sent to you before our departure.  We hope you will be encouraged.

–          Everyone was ready to go and feeling good as we began our journey.  No illnesses or anything else kept us from going.  God was faithful to prepare us in so many ways and to give us boldness in stepping out of our comfort zones.

–          Randi’s foot seems to be doing much better according to the updates we received.

–          From start to finish, I saw God unite our team and grow us in friendship, taking us from acquaintances, to sisters in Christ, to friends and by the time we departed…family.

–          A storm was due to hit on the day we left and as our plane touched down in Miami, the rains were falling hard.  We had to sit on the tarmac for a little while due to lightning, but in the end, our flight was only delayed about 30 minutes and we had a smooth flight to Santiago, Dominican Republic.

–          We did not have to pay any extra fees for any of our luggage, even the 5 extra suitcases full of ministry supplies! J  Two pieces of luggage didn’t arrive with our team which caused a delay in the airport and some dismay for one of our team members who had all of her clothing for the week in that missing suitcase.  God provided beautiful clothes for her to use while she awaited her suitcase’s delivery 2 days later and she was the best dressed lady on our team.  God clothes the lilies of the field and He took care of her as well.

–          We didn’t have any troubles going through customs and all of the ministry supplies and radios made it through without bags even being opened.

–          We had opportunities to interact with all of the missionaries that were on the field at some point during our time in Haiti and God opened up many doors for us to encourage them, as well as the pastors, translators, doctors, nurses, radio station personnel, cooks, all we met.  The quilts were a wonderful reminder that each person was a special part of what God was doing in Haiti and encouraged the recipients greatly.

–          Speaking of the quilts…we were able to take 428 quilts with us and we had plenty to share at the church in Flavil during our Sunday ministry, for all of the patients at Bethesda Medical Clinic, the dental clinic, at the radio station, for all the missionary and Haitian staff on the OMS Compound, and at the seminary.  We had 5 left when we departed and those were going to be given to the seminary staff.  Thanks to all who helped prepare the quilts and prayed for that aspect of the project.  It was a miracle!

–          Things got a little interesting when we went to purchase our bus tickets the next morning.  They were overbooked and it looked like we wouldn’t be able to get tickets.  We all kept praying and God granted us favor with the bus company.  They actually decided to send an extra bus to accommodate us.  There were only 5 other people on our bus besides our team.  On the way, one of our team members (Betsy) felt God nudging her to share the Lord with a man seated across from her.  Elvi is fluent in Spanish and was able to translate for her.  He was very attentive and we believe that he is the reason we couldn’t get direct flights to Haiti.  A young girl was also very interested in hearing the gospel and so Elvi tenderly shared with her as well.  We feel like God helped us to be alert to how He wanted to use us, even when traveling.  We were so happy to see this man again on our return trip.  He came to greet us and was especially happy to see Elvi and Betsy.  Please pray that the seeds that were planted will keep growing and that he will be drawn to Christ.

–          We arrived in time for a late dinner that night.  There were a lot of ministry preparations to do before the electricity turned off at 9pm, but we were all settled in by then.  We hadn’t had a chance to rehearse the mime together as a team, but on our journey the next morning to Flavil, we discussed it and practiced the song we were going to sing in Kreyol.  It was fun!

–          We got to practice flexibility as we ministered to the children in Sunday School.  We had a much smaller group than we had expected, but it was a good way for our team to begin ministering together.  I think God knew we would need our energy for the church service.  I was so blessed to see our team serving together.  God directed each speaker as they shared and despite the lack of a rehearsal and not even knowing what the pianist would play while we acted out the mime, it went great.  We were all moved during the altar call as people came forward and placed their scraps of material symbolizing areas of their lives that they wanted to turn over to the Lord and we believe He was working even at that moment to bring beauty into their lives and sew the broken pieces of their lives together to make a masterpiece.  The quilts were given out at the end of the service and we loved seeing the smiles on their faces and pray that these simple gifts will be continual reminders of the deeper truths they symbolize.  It was a joy to work with Pastor Belony and Erica, who translated for us.

–          The next day was spent at the medical clinic.  Our entire team was able to be used in a variety of ways.  Elvi and Jacquie shared beautifully with the patients during their chapel time and each patient was able to pick up their quilt along with a Hope bag at the pharmacy where they each had the Gospel presented to them once again.  (God provided 400 of these beautiful tote bags just days before we left and He also provided the 3 extra suitcases to carry them in; suitcases that we were able to leave in Haiti and that will now be used for their mobile clinic.)  While the patients had their chapel service, the rest of the team ministered to the staff and had the opportunity to encourage them.  Elvi and Jacquie are both interested in the medical profession and were able to spend time with Dr. Rodney and Nurse Prudence and learned so much.  They were even able to go back for an extra morning of ministry at the clinic.  Tina and I got called in to assist in holding down a little boy who needed a large head wound stitched up.  It seemed an eternity before the procedure was finished and we spent the whole time praying for him and humming “Jesus Loves Me” to try and comfort him.  He returned to the clinic a few days later for a check up and was doing great.

–          We enjoyed the afternoon at Radio 4VEH.  We had the opportunity to clean a kitchen they used for larger functions and though we had a few run-ins with cockroaches that brought some squeals from our team, the kitchen was gleaming by the time we were finished and we surely lost 10 pounds from all of the perspiration required.  J

–          We could fill several pages with all of the stories that took place during our village evangelism in Limonade and Kayemit.  Twelve people prayed to receive Christ each day we went out and many more heard the gospel and received radios that will help them grow in their faith.  God definitely went before us to prepare hearts.  Our translators were wonderful and though we were a bit nervous starting out, God gave each person an opportunity to share in some way.  I just have to share one story with you that showed me just how powerful God is, even when we feel inadequate.  Cindy was with me both days and was so ready to serve in every way, but felt shy to speak.  On our 2nd day, we were walking down the road when the pastor of the church in Kayemit passed us on his way to visit someone else.  He mentioned to me that the man that was in that compound was a witch doctor.  I quickly asked Jessica to start praying while Cindy drew the pictures and I began to share with this man and his family.  I was so blessed when Cindy sat down in the dirt to make it easier for the man to see the pictures.  At one point he asked, “Why did Jesus have to die?”  Our translator (Erica) shared that with us and before I could reply, I saw Cindy’s back straighten and she began to share.  The tears were running down her cheeks as she told this man why Jesus died and just how much God loved him.  She shared that she was a sinner too and the man seemed shocked and actually pointed at her and said, “You?”  I could see that he was very touched at Cindy’s sincerity as she shared.  We were both shocked when the translator relayed to us a short time later that the man wanted to choose Christ.  To see the look of joy and shock intermingled on Cindy’s face was priceless.  After he prayed, he shared that many Haitians have come to tell him about Jesus but he never believed them because he felt like it was political.  He said this time he believed what he was hearing was true.  I was amazed at how God had worked to prepare this man’s heart and how He gave Cindy the boldness she needed to proclaim the Truth.  We were all rejoicing as we got ready to leave.  It was then that God nudged my heart to notice a young girl in the darkened doorway.  We stopped and began to share with her and before we finally left, this girl and her younger sister prayed to receive Christ as well.  While we were busy there, others of our team were experiencing miracles as well.  An elderly blind man came to Christ and his face lit up as he heard the Bible being read from the radio.  God gathered many people to listen in each place where the Gospel was shared…Camilla and Elvi looked up at one point to discover their group had grown from 2 people when they started to almost 60 people by the time they finished.  Wow!!!!  God is amazing!

As I said earlier, this is just a glimpse of all that took place.  Thank you for praying and trusting God to do above and beyond all that was asked and imagined.  He answered abundantly and we trust that He is continuing to work out His plan for each life that was touched while we were there and that the ripples will continue to impact others.  God bless you all!

In Christ, Kim


Cindy sharing Christ with a Haitian.

Flavil quilt 1

This little Haitian girl was so excited about receiving her quilt!

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