The Lausanne Movement: Impacting Global Christianity

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     One of the joys I have had recently is to work with the Lausanne Movement. In addition to working with the Center for Intercultural Training, which I highlighted in my last letter, I also coordinate Lausanne’s Global Classroom Project. The Lausanne Movement was started in 1974 out of the vision of Billy Graham to bring together evangelical Christians around the world in a common statement of faith. Global Christian leaders met in Lausanne, Switzerland and the result was the Lausanne Covenant, which set the standard for what it means to be an evangelical Christian in today’s world. Since that time, Lausanne has sponsored many other global gatherings where church leaders study and discuss key topic areas affecting Christians and the church globally.
Today, Lausanne’s vision is to “connect influencers and ideas for global mission”. One aspect of that vision is to equip emerging global leaders with information and learning experiences that will help the church be more effective. That vision has resulted in the Lausanne Global Classroom project, which is an educational experience consisting of a video documentary on a global topic along with readings, a discussion guide, assignments, and community application projects. The Global Classroom experience will be available on the Lausanne website for use by small groups, churches, seminary and Bible colleges, mission agencies, and even individuals.
The first Global Classroom, set for release in January 2016, is on the topic of Diaspora. Diaspora is a fancy word for people who immigrate from one country to another to find a job or because of war, persecution, and so on. Lausanne hosted a global consultation on Diaspora in Manila last March. Several of the speakers at the consultation were interviewed by the Global Classroom team about why people in Diaspora are so important to understand and minister to in today’s global context. We are currently piloting this first Global Classroom with seminaries and church groups around the world. We will make final improvements over the next couple of months in time to release it in January.
Another Classroom that will be produced and available soon is on the importance of research for the church around the world. I went to Malaysia last May to attend the Lausanne’s global consultation on Christian research where we interviewed on camera leaders from around the world who study trends, data, and statistics on various aspects of church and mission. Global Christian leaders use this information to make decisions on where to allocate resources and people for more effective ministry. After we release the Classroom on Diaspora, we will begin working on this one. A release date has not been set yet. Our hope is that those who study the Classroom and go through the experiences we design will be better informed for more effective ministry in those areas.
Pray for our team as we meet online weekly to plan and discuss all that is needed to produce these important resources. Your prayers and support for me in this ministry enable you to have a global impact for Christ. Thanks!

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