March 2021

In Devotional by Brent Burdick

In August of 2019, I went to the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism in Toronto, Canada to film interviews for the Global Classroom on Jewish evangelism. Last night, I sat at my desk reviewing the final segments of the episode that will be published soon. I found myself flooded with emotion, blessed by the content of what was said in the videos about how Israel’s call was to declare God’s love and glory to all nations and that through them, Jesus, the promised Messiah came and fulfilled God’s plan to save all who believe. I felt so grateful to be in that number of believers, but also thankful that I could have a small part in producing this video that will remind Jews and Christians around the world of the love of God and his plan of salvation for Jews and Gentiles alike. I was proud of the work that Yaksan and I have done over the past months with God’s help to put this episode and others together. We now have fifteen episodes completed. I hope you have had a chance to see one of them. Working with Lausanne and teaching the Global Classroom to students at Gordon-Conwell is my dream job. Thank you for being part of that with me through your prayers and support! All the Lausanne Global Classrooms are available for free at the Lausanne website. Just Google ‘Lausanne Global Classroom’ and you will find it. There are small group resources available there too in a downloadable document called the User Guide. My prayer is that you and your church or group will be blessed by all these resources to learn about issues impacting the global church.

COVID19 has been around for about a year now. The world and the church have been impacted in so many ways. I trust you have been well and safe. Kim and I are doing fine. We obtained our first dose of the vaccine the other day. We just received word that Danya tested positive for the virus today. Please keep her in prayer. Daniel, her husband who is a police officer, had the vaccine already because he is a frontline worker.

I have seven students taking directed study courses from me at Gordon-Conwell this semester. Two of them are serving in Cambodia, one of them in Tanzania. The others are in various locations in the US. They have all told me how much they appreciate the individualized ministry-focused learning geared to their specific context. I now offer twenty different directed study missions courses for individual students at Gordon-Conwell. Most of them are based on topics found in the Lausanne Global Classroom, but I also teach other missions-oriented topics as well. I have recently been asked to teach a course on evangelism for a student. Just as with producing the Global Classroom, I am so grateful to work with these intelligent and receptive students who are either preparing for or already serving in missions overseas. All of my courses are taught from my home via Zoom.

Speaking of Zoom, we had the joy last Friday night of speaking to a couple’s event via Zoom for Faith Fellowship in Manila, where I used to pastor. Over 50 couples joined online for a wonderful event talking about marriage. Kim and I were the featured speakers. It was great to see so many familiar faces and be able to pour once more into so many families and marriages in the Philippines. Though we would have loved to go to the Philippines for it, this was the next best thing!

Zooming with Faith Fellowship for the marriage seminar

Our youngest grandson, Rowan, is now six months old and doing great! He was born seven weeks premature and is having to wear a helmet to help with head shape, but it hasn’t affected his sweetness or cuteness! Dawson and Leah are such proud and happy parents.

Jakobe, or Jak-jak as we all call him, is now twenty months old. He is a bundle of energy and learning to talk. He always says ‘Ah lawb ya!’ (I love you) when we talk to him. Devri, along with teaching a homebound student with special needs, is now also a birth assistant for a local midwife. To date, she has helped deliver about 15 babies! She absolutely loves helping bring new life into the world. Jay is coaching AAU basketball and hopes to get a job teaching business and coaching basketball at a local high school.

Mathis, son of Drew and Jordyn, turned five years old this month. We are taking him and his sister Amelie, who is seven, on a campout this weekend. Mathis’ favorite color is green, and Amelie can write and compose simple stories now. Drew and Jordyn moved into their new house a year ago. Drew works from home as a consultant.

Danya and Daniel are also doing well. Danya changed jobs and is now working in the Gaston County Animal Shelter. She loves working with the dogs and cats. It is a temptation not to bring some of them home with her. Daniel is doing well as a police officer but, as you know, it is a dangerous job today. Keep him in prayer for protection.

Kim is glad that the weather is warming up. The pandemic forced her to meet with LifeGroup leaders and do congregational care via Zoom, but now she can meet people on our back porch. Once we get the second shot of the vaccine, she should be able to meet in a more normal manner. God has used her to encourage and bless so many people during the past year who are struggling with loneliness and life challenges. She is so gifted for that.

Thank you so much for praying, for being part of our lives, and for sharing in our ministry. You are a blessing to us. We are grateful for your partnership!