My New Friend

In 2019 by Brent Burdick

    I want to introduce you to my new friend and ministry partner, Yaksan. Yaksan lives in a country in South Asia that is ruled by a major world religion. He works with me as a video editor and animator for the Lausanne Global Classroom. I met him last year through a leader in the Lausanne Movement who recommended him to me. Yaksan has been a great blessing and help in the production of the Global Classrooms. Yaksan and his family are Christians and often face challenges as members of a minority faith. Still he is always smiling and has a strong faith in God. He is a joy to work with as we talk almost daily over the internet via email and Zoom video calls. Pray for Yaksan and his mother, sister, and brother. I am so honored to work with this fine young man.

     Much is happening with the Lausanne Global Classroom this year. I am about ready to release the newest Global Classroom on Disability Concerns. This Classroom will look at the needs and challenges of people with disabilities, but also at the fact that they can be used powerfully by God in various aspects of ministry. This will be the 5th Global Classroom released live online which you can view free at Others currently in production that we hope to release this year are on Arts, International Student Ministries, Creation Care, Nominalism, and Leadership Development. That is a lot of production for 2019!     

     I am also going to be very busy filming for several other episodes this year. In June, I will go to Manila, Philippines to attend Lausanne’s Global Workplace Forum, which will bring together a diverse range of influencers in a conference that will mobilize the whole church—in every corner of the workplace—as bearers of the gospel. While there I will do interviews for Global Classrooms on Media Engagement and Technology, Integrity and Anti-Corruption, and Mental Health and Trauma. I haven’t been ‘home’ to Manila since 2014 so it will be nice to connect with our friends and former ministries there again.

     In August, I will go to Toronto, Canada to film for a Global Classroom on Jewish Evangelism; and then in September, I will go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to do interviews for a Global Classroom on Ministry Partnership and Networking. These are all key issues impacting the global church. It is important to have this kind of content available so younger leaders and the church can be equipped, aware, and empowered in these areas. Do pray for me, Yaksan, and the other members of my team as we travel and as we work together on these productions. Thanks! Brent