New FECPI President

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FECPI is the group of churches that OMS planted here in the Philippines. It stands for Faith Evangelical Church of the Philippines. Brent has been President of FECPI for a few years, but last Saturday stepped down to make way for a Filipino President. Rev. Roehl Rivera was elected by the FECPI Board of Trustees to serve. Rev. Rivera will do a great job. Brent has been and will be mentoring Roehl in all that is needed to run the organization. He is a humble man, but full of the Holy Spirit. He is married and has four children, and presently serves as the Sr. Pastor of Binan Faith Fellowship in Laguna province, just outside Manila. Pray for Rev. Rivera as he takes on this important responsibility.

Brent congratulates Rev. Rivera on becoming the new FECPI President.