Devri Hope

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January 25, 2011 This post is about Devri. She just turned 18 and is a Senior at Faith Academy High School here in Manila. She will be graduating on June 3. Her plans after graduation are to attend Southern Wesleyan University in South Carolina and study Special Education. Devri loves to sing and to act. She is in the top choral group at Faith Academy. She loves children, and is also a good artist. We …

September update

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You may have heard about the tragedy here in Manila last week. A disgruntled police officer took a busload of tourists from Hong Kong hostage. After an all day standoff, several of the hostages were killed by the gunman, and the gunman was killed by SWAT teams. It has caused national shame due to the way it was handled by media and the police. Many Filipinos have been saddened by the whole situation. On the …

June update

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June is here and rainy season has arrived right on schedule in the Philippines. It is a welcome change after an extremely dry, hot summer in the tropics. The dry weather took its toll on our yard this year and almost everything died, except one very determined lily plant. Its bright orange blooms were just the encouragement I needed to drag our water hose to the far side of the yard each morning to water …

New FECPI President

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FECPI is the group of churches that OMS planted here in the Philippines. It stands for Faith Evangelical Church of the Philippines. Brent has been President of FECPI for a few years, but last Saturday stepped down to make way for a Filipino President. Rev. Roehl Rivera was elected by the FECPI Board of Trustees to serve. Rev. Rivera will do a great job. Brent has been and will be mentoring Roehl in all that …

Beeson Leaders with Dr. Robert Coleman

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I’m in classes at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky right now. One of my classes is on leadership. We’ve learned a lot and had a special visit by the author of “The Master Plan of Evangelism”, Dr. Robert Coleman. This man is on fire for God! He preached to us for 40 minutes on the Great Commission of Jesus and our calling to make disciples. What an inspiration! I am working on my dissertation …

Korea Trip with Asbury

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Brent went to Korea February 1-8 as part of the Doctor of Ministry program of Asbury Theological Seminary’s Beeson Scholarship. It was a fascinating experience. I saw the largest Methodist church in the world with 25000 attendees, and also the Yoido church, the largest in the world. We were hosted so graciously by the Kwanglim Methodist church. We ate lots of delicious Korean food, and experienced the dynamic prayer life of the Korean church. We …

OMS now means something!

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After being OMS International for several decades, and before that being the Oriental Mission Society, OMS now stands for One Mission Society. We have one mission – to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ! For more information on the changes, check the new OMS webpage at .