September update

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You may have heard about the tragedy here in Manila last week. A disgruntled police officer took a busload of tourists from Hong Kong hostage. After an all day standoff, several of the hostages were killed by the gunman, and the gunman was killed by SWAT teams. It has caused national shame due to the way it was handled by media and the police. Many Filipinos have been saddened by the whole situation.

On the very same day, just a few hours before the bus was taken hostage, another incident occurred but this one was not in the news as much. This time, it was a Korean missionary pastor who was driving home late at night from the airport with a van load of visiting short-term workers. The van was forced off the road by another vehicle. When stopped, they were held up at gun point, robbed, and the Korean pastor was shot and killed. Two members of the team were taken hostage, but later released. Police have yet to catch these criminals. We make trips late at night frequently for airport runs along the same stretch of road. Do pray for our safety! We are safe in God’s hands, and not afraid.

I share all of this to ask you to continue praying for the Philippines. Our task here is to develop the church and leaders so they can make an impact on the country. Last July 6-9 we held a leadership training event for all the students at Faith Bible College. Thirty-five students, faculty and pastors were equipped and trained in effective and biblical leadership. Spiritual leadership is what the country needs the most, and this kind of training contributes greatly to that end. We are excited to be a part of what God is doing.

Teaching at the leadership seminar

We have been busy with coaching leaders (Brent), teaching a class on women in ministry at FBC (Kim), playing volleyball and going to school (Devri and Danya), and preparing for a team coming later this month (all of us!). We are excited to have Drew and Jordyn and Dawson come for Christmas.

Thanks for praying!